Mason’s deep and thorough knowledge of our software projects here at RubensteinTech, coupled with his focus on ensuring an optimal experience, empowers him to provide attentive, responsive support for each of our projects. 

Mason started at RubensteinTech as head of Quality Assurance, a role which he quickly embraced and extended to ensure that all aspects of our projects are delivered quickly and accurately, and that our clients have a knowledgeable team of engineers to ensure their success beyond project launch.

An entrepreneurial polymath at heart, Mason’s career has taken him from Chicago to San Francisco to New York, including successful engagements as the COO for ootra, a fashion retailer with locations throughout the U.S., and as Head Chef at the Merriewold Club.

Mason received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with minors in English and Writing at Colby-Sawyer College.