Spotlight on RubyLaw: Client Information Hub

As technology has better-enabled us to achieve personalization at-scale, websites are still limited in how they deliver truly relevant content on a 1:1 basis. 

Today’s law firms are doing all they can to engage with prospects and clients in the most personalized way possible. The fact of the matter is, though, that these stakeholders have different concerns and, frankly, are privy to different levels of depth and detail. While content marketing has attempted to address this challenge—and done so successfully in many cases—it still falls short.

We believe this to be true because most law firm websites are built for prospective clients—rather than current clients. Prospective clients may visit a firm’s website to understand its expertise regarding a practice, a region, a particular industry, or a topic that is relevant. Prospects may subscribe to particular types of notifications, lists, or media; through this process, they self-select and provide additional information that, through other channels (e.g., email marketing), the firm can engage them and understand their preferences. 

When it comes to the people that already understand and are benefitting from your services, the RubyLaw Client Information Hub can be your differentiator.

The RubyLaw Client Information Hub is a client-centric portal through which marketing teams can tailor and target content down from one-to-many (a la your website), down to one-to-few (a la the entire client account), and down further to one-to-one (an individual at a client account). Legal marketers, who constantly grapple with customizing content for their target audiences can now ensure that clients can access resonant, bespoke thought leadership that is delivered on a case-by-case basis through a personalized entry point.

During RubyApps DevCamp in June, we interviewed the team at Fragomen, a leader in immigration law, about having a RubyLaw-powered knowledge center tailored to their clients. 

You can view this session here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RubyLaw Client Information Hub, please contact your RubyLaw representative, our Support team, or attend an upcoming session of RubyLaw Live.