Black Lives Matter. 

This Juneteenth, we stand with those seeking justice across this country, marching in the streets in peaceful protests, and fighting for an equitable society. The senseless, violent murders of people of color, and the countless loss of black lives must end now.

For generations we have seen, and continue to see, unfair treatment and inequality disproportionately impacting people of color. There is no place for racism in our society or in our workplaces; this includes ours at RubensteinTech and RubyApps.

It is a moment for us as a country to stand up — together. We must show up for justice every day, and call out racism when we see it in our streets, in our communities, and workplaces.

The Black community is telling us its fears, its pain, and its needs right now. We are standing up to listen, to learn, and to show solidarity with the Black community.