Pillsbury: RubyLaw-powered website

Pillsbury is a global law firm with a reputation for working collaboratively with clients to deliver exceptional performance across a number of key sectors. With these pillars as our guiding principles, in partnership with Carbone Smolan Agency (“CSA”), we set out on a collaborative journey to refresh the firm’s website.


The overarching strategy for this initiative centered around centralization. With 700+ lawyers, and an international presence, managing the marketing function of a forward-thinking organization had become challenging. The new site needed to be representative of the brand, but also enable the firm’s legal marketers to promote Pillsbury and publish relevant content from the same location.


CSA used design to streamline and unify Pillsbury’s brand assets, and express them cohesively within the digital environment. Powering the site is RubyLaw, an enterprise-level CMS, that allows marketers to access and manage their content from a single entry point.


The new Pillsbury features a media-rich, media-first approach, as is evidenced by the custom cinemagraphs on the homepage, revised attorney bios, and practice descriptions. The site features key hero images placed above the fold, to deliver a more compelling, cross-device browsing experience. Rich content areas contain “snackable content,” key messaging points in the form of quotes, call-outs, and digestible text morsels, all specifically tailored to provide a streamlined content experience to site visitors with limited time and short attention spans. This intelligent content brings the site into the modern, social media age, enabling visitors to quickly and easily share these key talking points of legal knowledge across social networks with a single click. Other calls-to-action, too, provide a more interactive, engaging relationship with site visitors.


The theme of centralization also extends more deeply into the back end. With RubyLaw at the center, Pillsbury’s marketing automation resources and business development tools seamlessly integrate via the RubyLaw API. The website provides a fully-responsive, mobile-optimized, accessible viewing experience, and included a significant focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) during the development process.

The first three months following launch showed impressive results. Nearly 20-percent more users visited the site, with session and page view metrics increasing over past performance.

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