Perspective: The Case for Privacy-by-Design Website Development

The Founding Fathers of the United States may have taken a dim view of the right to privacy, but in 1965 the Supreme Court disagreed, finding that privacy was constitutionally protected by the Bill of Rights.

Since that time, privacy has grown ever more important in our political discourse, and that trend has only been heightened by the growth of the Internet and further magnified by social media and the heydey of user-contributed content.

Governments around the world are introducing new and more stringent policies and regulations protecting user privacy on the Internet, and law firms must lead the way in implementing these changes. The first step is to embrace privacy by design.

The central tenet of this approach is to embed privacy into the design of a corporation's practice, physical infrastructure, and, most important, its website. So why must law firms, specifically, adopt privacy by design?

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