Choate Investment Advisors (“ChoateIA”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Choate, is an independent investment advisor that provides investment management advice to its partners, in their capacity as trustees for client families, and to its clients. Having grown from a boutique firm to an advisory with more than $4 billion under management, ChoateIA sought to evolve its website to reflect its modern, sophisticated brand.


Working with the same partnership that designed and developed the highly-regarded Choate website, the ChoateIA team outlined its ambitious vision for Thinkso and the RubyContent team to execute. At the same time, the firm expressed the importance of security, with the Chief Technical Officer vetting RubyContent to ensure that it met stringent requirements—an exercise that saw RubyContent shine, while also excluding other CMS platforms from being considered.


Beyond reflecting the firm’s modernity, the new site provides a platform to showcase the refreshed brand—formerly Choate Investment Advisors, and now ChoateIA. It also enables the firm’s marketing team to quickly, easily, and elegantly create and modify content modules, also known as “Blocks,” to effectively tell the brand story. Examples of this may be seen on the Approach page, where graphic and written elements can be moved, stacked, controlled, and reorganized in RubyContent to give content greater flexibility and scale, upon command.


ChoateIA benefits from the many new and upgraded features in RubyContent 10. One such feature includes the RubyContent Image Sizer which automatically reformats into multiple sizes for different outputs. For instance, if the firm has a single high resolution photo of one of its advisors, the Image Sizer will re-crop, re-orient, and re-size that image for display in portrait, landscape, large and small formats—all of which can be predetermined.

One additional feature worthy of mention is the robust search that comes out-of-the-box with RubyContent 10. This powerful functionality expedites the site search process, helping visitors to surface relevant content quickly and effortlessly supporting ChoateIA’s content marketing strategy. RubyContent Smart Search is the engine behind the site’s accurate and speedy content search results. The ChoateIA team is able to quickly update settings and control synonyms to ensure that results contain the information most-wanted by site visitors. With multiple levels of Smart Search available, the firm can upgrade in the future to an AI-assisted, Machine Learning-enhanced search for even more accurate results with less content management required.

As with ChoateIA, this new site is “built different” to help convey the firm’s brand and value to current and prospective investors, while powering the firm’s lean marketing team efforts toward greater efficiency, cost savings, and success.