Benesch: RubyLaw-powered website

Benesch is an AmLaw 200 business law firm with established roots in the Midwest and an impressive, expanding national presence. As the firm has continued to grow, it’s become an imperative to modernize the Benesch brand and align its digital properties to reflect its ambition--all without abandoning its origins.

Benesch looked to Right Hat, a B2B branding and design agency based in Chicago, to articulate its client-centric focus and translate that story into a sleek, refreshed visual system. For the technology to deliver the new digital experience, as well as the expertise to securely migrate the existing content over to a new platform, Benesch turned to RubyLaw.

Bringing out the importance of Benesch’s client focus was critical to this initiative, as was demonstrating the firm’s approachability--one of its key differentiators. Both are displayed prominently on the new website’s homepage, with client testimonials communicating the former and Rollerscript (i.e. handwritten) font used selectively to illustrate the latter. To go one step further, the firm used impact statements--brief, bold credential summaries--to quickly and effectively convey the capabilities of its people on their biography pages.

In terms of features and functionality, the RubyLaw-powered presence includes the robust Smart Search Level II, and is also ADA compliant, both examples of using technology to accelerate and expand engagement by site visitors. Additionally, the back-end integrates with Vuture to facilitate deeper content engagement, while also flowing in new and existing job postings on the Careers section from viRecruit.


One of the unique aspects of this project is the level of trust involved on all sides. On the Benesch side, the leadership team trusted in LMA Hall of Fame legal marketer and CMO Jeanne Hammerstrom. In turn, Jeanne and her talented team trusted in Right Hat’s design process and our best-practice-laden recommendations, which ultimately led to the desired outcome for the firm.

In fact, Benesch has opted to further invest in RubyLaw technology, adding the Experience Management and Proposal Generation modules to complete the RubyLaw Suite. This will give the firm complete end-to-end Matters management, while also ensuring a single source of truth from which to pull dynamic, compelling content on the website and in pitch materials.