Spotlight on RubyLaw: Drafts

“Well, I must close, for I must now write at breakneck speed. Everything has been composed, but not yet written down.” 

So wrote classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in a letter to his father in 1780 as he completed his work on Idomeneo. If you are like Mozart, and require no revisions to your content before publishing, read no further. (If you’re not quite Mozartian, please read on!)

RubyLaw Drafts is a new feature that allows teams of content editors to collaborate throughout the complete lifecycle—with the added bonus of being able to edit and review before publication. This means that in-progress work can be saved without having to edit live content. (If that doesn’t make you want to listen to Eine kleine Nachtmusik, we don’t know what will!)

Content being developed over time, or via multiple editors, can be easily managed in Draft format. When changes are made, they can now be viewed at the page, tab, fieldset, or field level, visually presenting to editors and fellow collaborators, alike, precisely what’s been updated and revised.

Drafts can also be submitted for review or approval, or shared (via Shared Previews) with users outside of the RubyLaw system. This means that content approvers can review drafts before they are published—eliminating the potential fire drill that occurs when live content must be edited. Once content is finalized, it can be published for use on the web, in proposals, or anywhere within RubyLaw. 

The RubyLaw Drafts feature is now available for all users of RubyLaw 21 and higher.

If you’re interested in learning more about RubyLaw Drafts, please contact our Support team to schedule your upgrade to RubyLaw 21, or attend an upcoming session of RubyLaw Live.

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