During 2020, email outreach has dramatically increased. Inboxes have started to overflow. While open rates are up, click-through rates are down. This suggests that target audiences are engaging less, despite the fact that—particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis—people are accessing the internet through various channels more and more.

Do we need another channel? Yes.

Based on our research, and through conversations with RubyLaw clients, we believe the answer is Yes. In an increasingly saturated digital environment, it is more challenging than ever to differentiate and get noticed.

This is why we created RubyLaw Notifications, a new feature that helps RubyLaw clients keep their stakeholders informed and engaged.

About RubyLaw Notifications

RubyLaw Notifications allow website visitors to opt-in to notifications for a website, providing legal marketing teams with a simple mechanism to deliver timely and relevant updates directly to a subscriber’s desktop. Rather than further clogging a recipient’s email inbox, firms can deliver targeted, GDPR- and CCPA-compliant updates via the operating system’s Notifications feature—outside of the browser.

Here are a few examples of the types of content best suited for this format:
—COVID-19 Resource Center updates
—Emerging trend updates
—Client alert notifications
—Practice/service offering updates
—Recruitment updates

What kinds of metrics can be tracked?

Our clients make data-driven decisions. That’s why we’ve developed RubyLaw Notifications to measure an assortment of key indicators, including:
—Total quantity of subscribers
—Quantity and rate of new subscriptions
—Percent completion vs. percent abandonment of new subscriber forms
—Average number of topics subscribed to per subscriber
—Quantity of notifications sent
—Top performing notifications by topic/segmentation
—And more….

Who's using desktop notifications

We’ve already rolled out RubyLaw Notifications to Allen Matkins, a premier California-based law firm specializing in real estate, litigation, labor, tax, and business law, and we have several others in the mix.

Outside of legal, desktop notifications are increasing in popularity, with publishers like The Guardian, The Washington Post, Crain Communications, Business Insider, and The Economic Times using them, as well as consumer-facing brands like eBayFacebook, and Pinterest.

Not only during times of crisis, but when audiences are on high alert and thirsting for updates, desktop notifications are a unique way to satisfy those needs in real-time.

Want to trial RubyLaw Notifications for 90 days?

For a limited time, RubyLaw is offering a complimentary, 90-day trial of RubyLaw Notifications. This offer is only available for clients already running a recent version of RubyLaw. If you would like to learn more about any of the above, please contact your RubyLaw representative, our Support team, or attend an upcoming session of RubyLaw Live.

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