In recent years, the legal landscape has become a bumpy road. The road behind is littered with the legacy of firms that stalled or got left in the dust because they had the wrong strategy - or no strategy at all. Historically, firms may have had the luxury of just coasting or being reactive to market changes - but no longer. Firms now face a flat market where buyers are in the driver’s seat.

Getting ahead today requires law firms to shift gears. Attorneys need to focus on becoming effective at business development, and this requires intelligence - competitive intelligence. They need to really understand their clients, markets and competitors.

This interactive professional development presentation provides you with a business development roadmap to help steer your attorneys in the right direction and accelerate your firm's business development efforts.

We analyze tools, tactics and techniques to help firms get ahead and present research and results from firms that have accelerated their investments and demonstrated real ROI. 

This presentation is focused on a variety of relevant competitive intelligence topics and best practices including:

  • Developing a CI strategy
  • Identifying CI tools
  • Setting realistic expectations and achievable goals
  • Evaluating internal and outsourced staffing options
  • Leveraging social media for CI
  • Communicating successes to accelerate participation
  • What other successful firms are doing to drive CI initiatives at their firms 

Participants can take back valuable lessons and information that will enable them to:

  1. Make informed decisions regarding CI tool selection
  2. Leverage competitive intelligence resources to help the firm and attorneys make crucial decisions
  3. Gain acceptance from key stakeholders whose participation is critical to success


About the Speakers

Chris Fritsch
Business Development Technology Consultant
CLIENTSFirst Consulting

Chris Fritsch is a ‘recovering’ attorney with more than 15 years’ experience in helping firms and attorneys select and implement technology and strategies to enhance business development efforts. Chris' team of almost 100 professionals are dedicated to helping firms acquire and manage the information they need to develop relationships and business.

Stephen Kaplan
Chief Strategy Officer
CLIENTSFirst Consulting

Steve Kaplan recently joined the CLIENTSFirst team as Chief Strategy and Legal Officer. Steve is a practicing attorney who has years of real life experience as an in-house counsel hiring lawyers and law firms. He has also been a long-time leader with the Association of Corporate Counsel and has been a frequent speaker for the Legal Marketing Association to help member firms better understand the most effective ways to develop business.