Join us as the experts at ON24 shares strategies and practical takeaways on how to create high-impact, pipeline generating webinars. High-impact webinars  are ones that engage your law firm's stakeholders by giving your top thought leaders a platform to shine. This requires the right amount of planning and execution and our guest panelists from ON24 will show us how it's done.

During this event you will learn:

  • Keys to building engagement-based webinars
  • How to use behavior leads scoring to increase revenue
  • How to increase the reach and value of your content

The key to generating a high-quality, marketing-generated pipeline is engagement. This is an opportunity to learn how to increase your marketing-generated pipeline by building engagement-based webinars.


Katie O'Rourke
Senior Account Executive

Katie O’Rourke serves as ON24’s Senior Account Executive, overseeing the entire southeast territory for ON24. Originally from Australia and now living in New York, her unique experience working with global clients brings a fresh perspective and new ideas . She has served clients in digital marketing communications for eight years, and has won numerous awards during her tenure in the industry. Katie has structured the webinar strategy for global pharmaceutical, biotech and insurance firms, from scratch, and has also significantly increased client engagement and revenue for over two dozen Fortune 1000 firms, including clients within technology, finance and retail.

Jaron Rubenstein
Founder and President
Rubenstein Technology Group