Latham & Watkins: RubyLaw-powered Careers website

Latham & Watkins, the world’s highest-grossing law firm, had a recruitment problem. The firm’s Careers website lacked the substance and dynamism that reflected its true character, and was potentially causing it to miss out on top candidates. Latham hired Carbone Smolan Agency (CSA), a forward-thinking design consultancy, to grapple with how to reinvigorate its digital presence. As a frequent partner of CSA, we were engaged to develop and implement the solution beneath the breakthrough design concept.


Beyond the high-stakes of delivering a successful end-product to one of the world’s top firms, we learned that Latham’s internal team had previously produced all digital projects in-house. So, we needed to demonstrate a return on the design and technology investment.


With respect to the scope of work itself, the existing website lacked differentiated paths for the various career journeys on offer at Latham. The result? Job-seekers could be left confused and uninspired and, ultimately, deterred from pursuing their professional ambitions at Latham. The client team also required the flexibility to update content quickly and without any heavy-lifting -- precisely what RubyLaw is designed to enable!


From a design perspective, CSA created a more vibrant theme upon which to base the Careers page. In addition to engaging content, visual elements provide a more comprehensive creative story to keep site visitors interested.

Working together with CSA, we developed a series of content modules that enabled the Latham Marketing team to mix, match, and move creative assets. This proved to be the most difficult challenge for us: packaging a complex finished product within an elegant, simple-to-use administrative interface. In all, a total of 12 different content module types, ranging from testimonials to text and video, provide a dynamic response and experience for site visitors (and administrators).


Together, the visual story and technological functionality come together to create a unified experience, streamlining visitors along the recruitment journey and ending up with the opportunity to apply to Latham. This process, powered by RubyLaw, has demonstrated its success, as 95% of visitors go down the Apply path.

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