Choate is a firm that is built different. With the entire team concentrated in one office, its 175+ lawyers deliver results globally that put it on par with firms exponentially larger.

Despite its success, Choate’s digital marketing gave the impression that the firm was merely a regional, Boston-area firm. With extensive expertise across wealth management, private equity, financial services, life sciences, and litigation, Choate is much more, and it needed a brand refresh and digital presence to reflect its true stature.


Seeking a sophisticated approach to align the firm’s marketing with its ambitions, and with significant technology and security requirements to boot, Choate selected RubyLaw to confidently support its new digital marketing ecosystem. The firm engaged RubensteinTech to recommend a design firm, Thinkso Creative, to implement the much-needed creative change.

Much was required to achieve the desired outcome, and the effort began with a comprehensive revisioning of Choate’s practice organization. What was previously more than 250 discreet practice areas, was strategically focused down to five. This helped to simplify the information architecture of the eventual RubyLaw-powered website, making the navigation easier to manage and increasing the likelihood of lengthier site visits.

Choate’s lawyers all practice. It’s one of the reasons for the firm’s success. This raised the stakes for creating an effective search tool, and expandable bio page segments—to balance speed with engaging presentation, and keep visitors focused on Choate team members’ impressive credentials.

In terms of technology, RubyLaw gives Choate a user-friendly and flexible content management system that ensures a premium level of security. The firm leverages multi-factor authentication, as well as a custom security reporting offering that keeps Choate and client data safe.

Building on the success of this initiative, RubensteinTech and Choate have extended their partnership to provide the firm’s asset management division with a similarly sophisticated website and digital marketing solution.