Tommy Ton: RubyContent-powered website

Since 2005, Tommy Ton has been, "a crucial figure in the once-burgeoning, now-foundational realm of street style photography." Renowned for his work with,, Vogue, and his former blog, Jak & Jil, Tommy launched his own independent website at

RubensteinTech implemented this dynamic, new photo blogging platform in close collaboration with the fashion-focused interactive designers at partner 2x4, realizing Tommy Ton's creative vision for photographic stories curated from Tommy's thousands of fashion photos. Each story features a collection of images - using various curated tags, related content, and unique grouping, to convey a fashion show, a trend, or general event. 

RubensteinTech first migrated thousands of Tommy Ton photos from the past decade, complete with categorization information from Adobe tools, and then provided a system that could tag, archive, and group these. New, exclusive photos are added weekly, all within a completely responsive website with an integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure speedy delivery to a global audience of fashionistas, even during traffic surges. Users can search using a wide variety of filters, including place, person, color, season, clothing item, trend, brand, or subject. 

RubensteinTech hosts the high-profile website, and allows photo images to be served to the visitor in smart ways, with image groups that include regular, full bleed, and clusters. Tommy Ton can easily update, organize, categorize, search, and manage data in the Ruby Media Browser via a sophisticated tag management system tailored to the fashion photographer's unique requirements.

Now, his full catalogue of prints, shoes, jackets, and minute details from the streets of Milan, New York, and Paris are served up effectively to appear in the most appealing way possible, on any device.