Akin Gump’s entrepreneurial spirit and wide ranging services provided a unique challenge to develop a system that was flexible enough to match their current and future needs while ensuring a consistent application of established brand guidelines. 

Akin Gump came to RubensteinTech with a design in search of an engineering team that could meet the challenge. The firm needed the flexibility to allow their more established practices the freedom to customize their pages and support larger amounts of content, while simultaneously supporting smaller and quieter practices with an appropriate presence and a fresh look. Both requirements needed to be reconciled through a design and implementation that guaranteed consistency of look and feel for all.

This resulted in a highly flexible, modular system for building practice pages. RubensteinTech collaborated closely with design partner Carbone Smolan Agency and Akin Gump’s marketing team to execute the new design flawlessly. 

Our team was able to accommodate the new modular design by customizing the content editing core of the RubyLaw Content Management System (CMS), which would not have been possible had we licensed another CMS solution. RubensteinTech’s team of engineers built a user-friendly back-end solution that mirrors the modular design and functionality of the front-end website. This solution is customized and unique to Akin Gump and supports Akin Gump’s effort to differentiate the firm on the web.