Bryan Cave: RubyLaw-powered website with Level III Smart Search

Bryan Cave, twice ranked as the world's most innovative law firm by the International Legal Technology Association, maintains a unique "one firm" structure and philosophy.

Leading Edge Technology
Bryan Cave wanted a site as innovative as the firm's approach to legal services, not just telling, but demonstrating the firm's commitment to industry-leading, creative technology solutions to their client's never-ending thirst for information. The firm sought a cohesive user experience to make site contents easily accessible and shareable to site visitors.

Technology Solution
The new allows users to do just that, by offering an innovative search-based user experience built on a customized version of the RubyLaw Smart Search engine, powered by the RubyLaw Content Management system, and maintained by our team of software engineers.

Collaboration with Partners
Carbone Smolan Agency (CSA) was selected to lead the brand strategy and user-driven design for this project. CSA commenced the project with a technique designed to bring Bryan Cave's core values and website needs to life with a refined design that's empowered by the RubyLaw engine and the latest web technology. Bryan Cave's practice is built on more than 140 years of dedication to their clients, and that energy and focus on client interests is reflected in the site structure and design. 

The Most Advanced Search in the Industry
RubyLaw Smart search was leveraged to provide an unparalleled search experience with instantaneous results, employing the latest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to provide optimal search results to visitor queries while promoting content according to firm marketing priorities. No other legal firm site search comes close.

The site's engineering, design, and search features empower the user to efficiently maneuver through more than 1,000 attorney bios, 27 offices, and a multitude of news articles and thought leadership blogs, so that they can locate the desired content, share, or save it. Homepage: 
The search interface revolves around a single search bar that is fixed at the top of each page on the Bryan Cave website.

Smart Search:
Search results are displayed via a flexible grid system, ordered by relevance, and displayed immediately.

Front-end Modules:
Curated and Suggested tags are predertermined by a RubyLaw Admin to guide the users' search, or feature as the most prevalent tags found within the current search results, respectively.

In February of 2018, Bryan Cave merged with Berwin Leighton Paisner to form BLCP, a fully integrated international law firm. 

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