Garrett Nantz (CCO), Cathy Davenport (CD), Ali Baranker (Account Manager), and Tai U (Lead Technologist) of Luxurious Animals, presented details about two recently launched and amazing projects:

  • Panera's "The Hard Road to Antibiotic-Free" HTML5 site. (their latest launch, partner: C-K)

  • CDW's Road Trip (one of their recent launches, partner: Ogilvy)

Luxurious Animals is a creative digital agency that has established itself as architects of innovative, elegant marketing media. Their work inspires, engages, and transforms audiences into passionate customers. They collaborate with their clients to deliver dynamic excitement and intelligence within their brand's digital presence. For each client they assemble the ideal team to create spectacular websites, live action, interactive installations, visual effects, games and mobile applications using their own technological innovations.

Garrett Nantz is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Luxurious Animals. In 2008, he started the agency to merge traditional storytelling with interactivity. The company has been fortunate to have created websites, games, installations, and commercials for brands such as Esquire, Lufthansa, HBO, Porsche, Lunchables and Panera Bread.

Cathy Davenport Lee is Creative Director and VP. She heads up, staffs, and leads the design department for Luxurious Animals in addition to serving as an advisor on the executive/business level.

Ali Baranker Singer has been a Project Manager at Luxurious Animals for almost four years. Her role is to keep projects running smoothly and the lines of communication open between the Animals and clients.

Tai U is Lead Technologist of Luxurious Animals. With a long reputation of success in the interactive game, he's thoughtfully masterminded many of their most challenging technical endeavors.