Spotlight on RubyLaw: RubyLaw C.P.R. Kit

When the next crisis strikes, where will you be and how will you respond?

Having spent more than a year answering that question, our team has developed an offering to help legal marketing and business development professionals be ready for the next one. It’s called the RubyLaw Connect/Prepare/React (“C.P.R.”) Kit.

The RubyLaw C.P.R. Kit is an emergency response package designed to help law firms quickly mobilize and leverage RubyLaw to act during emergencies. Firms of all sizes can quickly have a public-facing, situation-specific presence in less than 4 hours, while also availing of the following useful and easily activated tools:

Emergency response checklist, including five (marketing technology-related) things that RubyLaw users should do when crisis hits
Best practices for RubyLaw users, namely how to leverage a website diagnostic, Google Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager to facilitate faster response times during critical situations
RubyLaw Kickstarter template, a unique template that can be customized and published without requiring additional RubensteinTech services
RubyLaw Crisis Notifications, a special offering that includes desktop notifications, to give website visitors an opportunity to subscribe to specific, crisis-related content
RubyShield Red Alert, a flexible bundle that provides an additional 40-hour block of  time, which can be activated at your discretion, toward supporting your team’s needs

Best of all, beyond your existing RubyLaw knowledge, no further training or certification is required.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the RubyLaw C.P.R. Kit, please contact your RubyLaw representative, our Support team, or attend an upcoming session of RubyLaw Live.