NIZUC Resort & Spa: WordPress-powered website

NIZUC, an award winning luxury resort and one of the prestigious Grupo Brisas properties, lies on Cancun’s white powder sands at the confluence of Mexican modernity and tradition. While essential to the brand to reflect both past and present, NIZUC’s digital assets must honor its identity while also serving visitors in a way that mirrors the on-site guest experience.  


NIZUC has a reputation for providing world-class service to its guests. From luxurious villas set at the foot crystal clear waters to gourmet restaurants and welcoming, body-renewing spas, patrons have come to expect sensational, high-touch experiences. With most visitors stopping at NIZUC’s website —before even deciding to plan a trip— the company understood the importance of making a powerful first impression. As such, NIZUC engaged experts to help it rethink its approach to digital, to better foreshadow its promise, and to increase the likelihood of travel bookings.

RubensteinTech partnered with Carbone Smolen Agency (“CSA”), a best-in-class creative consultancy, to bring the digital vision for NIZUC to life. Having positioned the brand, identified the traits of its personality, and developed a corresponding communications strategy, CSA tapped into essence of NIZUC and used the element of water as a metaphor through which to give the digital presence texture.


Working hand-in-hand with CSA and the client, RubensteinTech carried the concept beyond design and into the digital realm.

Like water, the custom site needed to be flexible, dynamic, and nuanced, while also mirroring the type of experience guests have come to expect from NIZUC. It also had to be search engine optimized to amplify online visibility, fully responsive (e.g., reactive to the range of user devices), and multi-lingual to appeal to English and Spanish speakers.


The combined CSA-RubensteinTech solution for NIZUC brings together elegant design with rich, seamless digital functionality. features vibrant, full-bleed imagery that responds and delivers an optimal, optical experience across browsers and devices. Using dynamic transitions, visitors are transported from page to page with animation, bounce, and fade effects that allude to the ease and comfort afforded resort guests as they browse through countless relaxation, leisure, and activity options. Interactive shapes subtly hint at NIZUC’s high-touch attentiveness, while modules like the Accommodation viewer feature a multi-layer gallery function that showcases and filters rooms by type, dimension, and amenities. Detailed maps also indicate travel distances from travelers’ common points of origin, and seductive slideshows transport visitors vicariously into the ESPA-branded spa, to tables at gourmet restaurants, poolside, and elsewhere.


Behind the scenes, RubensteinTech’s CMS ensures rapid load times and creates smooth page transitions, keeping website visitors engaged and enthralled. Meanwhile, as an open source platform, the CMS easily integrates with NIZUC’s SnyXis reservation system, further decreasing the likelihood of booking abandonment.

The NIZUC site is one of several Grupo Brisas property sites managed by RubensteinTech.


In coordination with an advertising push, the optimized NIZUC site has seen a year-over-year increase of 310% in total sessions and 290% user growth.