Perkins Coie: RubyLaw-powered website

RubyLaw was selected to power a new vision of Perkins Coie online: a website that not only embodies the firm's growth, but reflects its commitment to innovation, excellence and client service. To meet this challenge a modern, scalable and responsive design was crafted by Right Hat and tailored to the firm’s requirements by the RubensteinTech team.


The new Perkins Coie website employs many of the powerful industry-specific features built into the RubyLaw CMS, namely:

Flex-Responsive Design

The website is designed to adapt to every screen size and has numerous touch state and speed optimizations to ensure the best possible experience across all browsers and devices. 

Multilingual Support

Perkins Coie doesn’t just say they are a global firm, they prove it. RubyLaw supports independent sitemaps which allows Perkins to integrate foreign language websites like the Chinese version currently on their site.


Emphasis on Video

Perkins Coie understands how important video is to their presence online. RubyLaw powers the firm’s video archive and renders their video uploads to all modern supported formats. It also integrates seamlessly with Vimeo and YouTube.

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