Spotlight on RubyLaw: Integrity

How does your firm manage website quality? Other than diligent processes, effective collaboration, double and triple checking, and leaning on spelling tools in Microsoft Office, how does your team ensure an error-proofed experience for website visitors?

For some, the answer is Siteimprove. But, an increasing number of RubyLaw clients are choosing RubyLaw Integrity, a fully-integrated module available to all users.

RubyApps Integrity is a site quality tool that performs error checking scans and reporting on U.S. English content. Its predecessor, “Sweeper”, has been an option for RubyLaw users for nearly a decade.

Users can leverage the reimagined Integrity to run reports at preferred intervals, e.g., multiple times per week or weekly, and instantly correct spelling errors, broken images and links, flag prohibited terms (such as confidential client names), and common website errors. Reported issues can be addressed efficiently via a single click thanks to the integrated RubyApps interface.

How clients are currently using RubyLaw Integrity

—Scheduling website scans at regular intervals to find typos and misspellings
—Checking for error and broken links to find and fix issues or problematic content
—Identifying objectionable content—whether confidential client names or banned words or phrases—and ensuring it remains unpublished

If you’re interested in learning more about RubyLaw Integrity, please contact your RubyLaw representative, our Support team, or attend an upcoming session of RubyLaw Live.

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