Allen Matkins, a California-based business and real estate law firm with a reputation for being creative yet pragmatic, brought a tech-forward mindset to the refresh and redevelopment of its digital properties. While the design aesthetic played an important role, and thus the firm hired Finn Partners to deliver the creative, Allen Maktins engaged RubensteinTech to ensure that the technology powering the back-end was cutting-edge and representative of the firm’s tech-forward identity.


In selecting RubyLaw as its centralized digital marketing console, Allen Matkins was seeking to eliminate pain points and improve processes. First, the Business Development and Marketing department wanted to make managing and updating content less time intensive and more intuitive. Second, reducing the cost to maintain the website platform was an important component. Third, the ability to integrate HubSpot with RubyLaw’s content management system was key, and this capability is forthcoming. The RubyLaw solution provides Allen Matkins with a sleek, intuitive interface, and an efficient, modern platform from which to orchestrate its comprehensive marketing efforts.

This collaboration involved a number of noteworthy mentions. As a prolific publisher of thought leadership, the firm required expertise in migrating its content from Sitecore to RubyLaw. Our experienced team provided this support, while also integrating RubyLaw with HubSpot to allow for the seamless management of Allen Matkins’ blogs and newsletters. Further, the RubyLaw platform itself features key enhancements like Smart Search Level 2 and customizable URLs, each to help surface relevant content more quickly and without having to make modifications in multiple locations.

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