Building and Nurturing a World-Class Website: Tales from the Trenches

Scott Rubenstein, Director of Client Services at RubensteinTech, served as a panelist at the November 2015 LMA Midwest program in Chicago titled, "Building and Nurturing a World-Class Website: Tales from the Trenches," and shared his experiences redesigning and rebranding firm websites.

The panelists were selected for their experience in redesigning websites for both large and small law firms. They discussed the smartest ways to keep content fresh and relevant, and provided best practices for managing web projects. These tips can also be applied to other types of projects, including those undertaken by both larger and smaller sized firms. 


Scott Rubenstein
Director of Client Services
Rubenstein Technology Group

Anne Heathcock
Managing Director of Marketing
Winston & Strawn

Stephanie Miller
Director of Marketing
Much Shelist

Tim Thurn
Director of Client Services
Duo Consulting

Click here to see a video of the panel discussion.

Click here to see an interview of Scott and hear him breakdown the process of redesigning a website into incremental steps.