Web apps are complex animals. Front ends, back ends, multiple browsers, and different platforms -- oh my! In such a large and fast changing environment it's often an after thought of how to test what you build. And figuring out where to get started can be a paralyzing feat.

But not testing can be even worse if left unchecked; leaving you to manually test everything, finding defects late in the cycle, and getting slowed down with so much to do.

Join Dave Haeffner from Arrgyle as he steps through an effective and efficient way to not only test what you have, but to build things that are more easily testable.

Speaker: Dave Haeffner is a man on a mission -- to help people achieve their potential through effective technology use. He has spent the last 5 years working in the Quality Assurance space, helping various companies achieve better software quality with less effort. This is the current focus of his company (Arrgyle) which emphasizes the use of sound strategy, simple process, and open source tooling.

Dave is also the co-organizer of the DC Selenium Meetup, has spoken at various Agile conferences, and holds a Master of Science in the Management of IT from the University of Virginia.