Milbank: RubyLaw-powered website

A renewed senior leadership team, and the completion of a comprehensive brand strategy initiative, led to the realization that Milbank’s digital presence did not match its reputation in the industry.


The firm recognized that this could have dire consequences, particularly with respect to new business and recruiting, and endeavored to rectify the situation. While providing ongoing service to maintain its existing site, Milbank paired our team with Siegel+Gale, a best-in-class creative consultancy, to give the website a modern look and feel, and align it with a forward-facing brand strategy.

Several unique factors played noteworthy roles in this initiative. First, we had never collaborated with Siegel+Gale before. We were mutually excited about the partnership, and we called on our experience working with similar creative teams to adapt to our new partner’s procedures, methodologies, and personalities. Our proven software development processes and deep legal expertise meshed well with Siegel+Gale’s focus on simplicity, user experience, and brand-focused design. This collaboration also provided both teams with an opportunity to explore new tools for interactive design and real-time communication.


Second, continuing our longstanding relationship that began with the previous project in 2011, Milbank elected to work with us again on the new website rather than seeking a new technology partner—a mark that we consider a great achievement.

Finally, with recruitment season approaching, our teams had a fixed deadline to achieve the project’s design and technology objectives, and to launch the revitalized website.

The new launched on schedule in late July 2017. Siegel+Gale created an elegantly streamlined look and feel for Milbank, while also designing an enhanced front-end interface. The layout offers information in sumptuous bits and provides the user with an opportunity to dive deeper on subsequent pages. The high-priority Careers Landing page is one example.

The site is fully-responsive, and is powered by RubyLaw, our signature content management system for the legal sector. The solution supports all modern browsers and makes searching for information—whether about services, expertise, or recruitment—fast and easy. Real time search, powered by RubyLaw Smart Search, ensures that relevant content can be quickly and readily surfaced, leading to more effective website visits and fewer departures. To initial results, preliminary findings indicate a 20% drop in the bounce rate. This is coupled with a typical page load time of less than one second, which is pretty speedy.

Milbank was primed and poised to begin the 2017 recruiting season from a position of relevance and strength. Subsequent feedback continues to be positive.

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