RubyLaw-powered website and document generator

Hunton & Williams is an Am Law 100 firm with more than 100 years of history providing exceptional client service. When it came time to refresh the firm’s website, the Hunton team sought a technology partner that identified with the same core values and commitment to long-term relationship building. However, the firm required more than a cultural fit to ensure the project was a success.


The firm came to the realization that the website, which felt dated and portrayed the firm as more of a regional provider than an international service provider, was holding back future marketing and strategic business initiatives. Hunton selected RubensteinTech and RubyLaw to plot a path to modernize the firm’s digital technology and engaged design partner Right Hat to provide a creative refresh and website design.


For the design portion, Right Hat freshened up the aesthetic and created a visual language to communicate Hunton’s global footprint. On the technology side, the task was slightly more complicated. The firm had been using microsites for varying purposes. With the careful application and creative extension of the website design templates, RubensteinTech unified the microsites and empowered the firm to manage them in RubyLaw from a single, centralized location. Microsite management was further empowered by the system’s  multiple levels of user permissions for those creating, editing, and approving site content.


With key business development content being managed as part of the website, the RubyLaw Proposal Generator was a natural fit to amplify the Hunton team’s marketing and business development efforts. On the technical side, RubyLaw Proposal Generator integrates automatically via RubyLaw API, making it interoperable with other, internal systems.

The firm also employed the RubyLaw Document Generator, enabling users to easily select and package content, and then export the files to Word format. This password-protected tool is available firm-wide, and has led Hunton to expedite response time and increase opportunities to win new business.


The site launched, with the proposal generator, in fast fashion. It also delivered results quickly, both in terms of page-loading speed and metrics. Visitors consumed nearly 30% more pages per session, and remained on the site for more than 20% longer than previously.

In February of 2018, Hunton & Williams merged with Andrews Kurth Kenyon to become Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP.


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