The Greenwich Lane: RubyContent-powered website

The Greenwich Lane is a collection of five unique addresses and five townhouses nestled together in the West Village, one of New York City’s most famed and favorite neighborhoods. The luxury residences boast private outdoor spaces that surround a central garden in the style of historic village green.

Rudin, a commercial and residential landlord and developer, built the property and selected Pentagram and RubensteinTech as designer and digital developer, respectively, to create a teaser website for The Greenwich Lane.

One key consideration for this project was how to convey luxury and exclusivity, while also providing sufficient access to drive interest from prospective tenants.

The combination of Pentagram’s best-in-class design with RubensteinTech’s functional savvy, the site successfully offers a glimpse of the property while giving potential buyers an easy means to register and request more information.

The Greenwich Lane is one of more than ten high-end webistes that RubensteinTech has built in partnership with Pentagram.