Ghostlab Accelerates Cross-Browser Testing

Save time by testing on several browsers at once with Ghostlab.

When it comes to testing a website, specifically manual cross-browser testing, mundane tasks can slow you down. The time it takes to complete tasks such as inputting URLs and checking visuals only expands with the number of devices and browsers we support. Our team needed an effective and efficient way to examine every supported platform.

We evaluated Adobe Edge Inspect and other tools, but ultimately decided Ghostlab was the best tool for the job. The application creates a new URL that you can use in any browser, mobile included, and any move you make on the website in one of those browsers will affect every other browser in real time. This enables you to view a website in any number of browsers/devices by only typing each URL once. This made for a very exciting moment in the QA Department.

You can find Ghostlab at and get a more detailed look at it. This is a program that will certainly be implemented into the daily routine.