Delivering results with RubyApps business development solutions

Marketing and business development activities within the Professional Services sector are complex, challenging processes that require internal collaboration and tools that support consistent, high-quality execution of public-facing materials.

With RubyApps, the ability to work together, manage professional experience, and produce compelling proposals from a single source of record is possible, reliable, and easy. Either paired with the RubyApps Content Management System (CMS), or as standalone solutions, RubyApps Experience & Credential Manager and RubyApps Proposal Generator help Marketing and Business Development teams to work more efficiently and productively.

RubyApps Experience & Credential Manager

Whether to showcase experience on your website or to attach relevant information to a proposal, RubyApps Experience & Credential Manager integrates seamlessly with other back-end systems to enable your Marketing and Business Development teams to surface and showcase credentials in a timely and appropriate manner.

Intuitive Experience Database Management

While there’s a common set of content attributed to a legal matter for marketing purposes, enterprises differ in what content they manage, how that content is kept current and accurate, and what third-party systems (if any) these matters are integrated with. Out-of-the-box, RubyApps Reputation Manager includes working with our team to discover these details and customize specific fieldsets to the requirements of the firm, accounting for both website and proposal output.

Structured Data Guides Efficient Content Entry

Firm matters are modeled based on specific client requirements and managed in RubyApps to ensure content is entered accurately, modified with ease, and accessible for a variety of uses.

RubyApps 360°

Sophisticated, but easy-to-use, RubyApps Reputation Manager makes it simple for RubyApps administrators to cross-reference content to a cross-section of attorneys, offices, practices, regions, industries, and publications. Referenced information can be included in web and proposal output, and used to find and include more obscure matters for future business development initiatives. The RubyApps API ensures this content can be accessed by third-party applications and intranet portals in the future.

RubyApps Proposal Generator

RubyApps Proposal Generator gives your Marketing and Business Development teams power to leverage key content and brand assets to produce consistent yet flexible proposals in Microsoft Word format. Centralizing your web and proposal content management within RubyApps means that proposals always contain the most recent versions of team member bios, news, publications, and practice descriptions.

This streamlines the business development process, while ensuring that final touches to content are managed in accordance with existing workflows (to which most attorneys are accustomed).

Branded Proposal Delivery

Final, approved content is presented with consistent formatting and styling in a custom-designed and branded proposal template, making certain that each proposal conveys not just firm expertise, but accurate reflections of your brand to clients and prospects, without requiring external production or design assistance.


Focused Proposal Development and Generation

RubyApps users can quickly add, edit, and duplicate content and entire proposals to address new opportunities and leverage work previously completed and approved, while tracking status and collaborating with other authors. RubyApps also provides means for storing, tracking, and serving up key questions that are frequently asked by prospects, so as to expedite response times to RFPs and to enable your firm to focus on enhancing the quality of your proposals.

Microsoft Word Export

RubyApps effectively combines key content types, including private, proposal-only content, into a professionally-designed, exported Word document for final editing.

Workflow Support

Like website content, RubyApps tracks content revisions and can support approvals processes for proposal development and optimal team workflow. This enables team members to share, approve, reject, and ensure established protocols are followed and final outputs are agreed-upon and meet firm standards.

RubyApps Document Generator

In addition to our back-end solution, we also offer RubyApps Document Generator, a front-end solution that enables internal and external audiences to export PDFs from your website. Permissions can be customized to allow or restrict access according to your preferences.

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