Attention: Clients with active website and web application projects, Google has updated the Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that allows for the monitoring and maintaining of a website’s presence in Google Search results. It’s one of several free tools available, akin to Google Analytics, that can help you to strengthen your website’s ranking on the internet.

What can Google Search Console do for you? Google Search Console provides statistics around user interactions, sitemap submissions, and URL removal requests. It also allows webmasters to review error reports in the markup.

Sitemap submissions help Google determine the structure of the site and what pages should be crawled so that Google can find them and add them to search results. Google does a good job of determining this on its own, but the ability to submit a sitemap puts you in control and ensures that results are current.

Requests to remove URLs can be made within Google Search Console. One particular case when this can be effective is if you have an outdated page or a page with sensitive non-public information that’s made its way into Google’s Search results. Take note that the change won’t happen immediately, but making the request from within Google Search Console will fast-track the process until Google re-crawls your site.

Error reports indicate whether Google has been unable to crawl specific URLs on your site or URLs have returned a specific error code. These help expose potential issues with how your site is set up, as well as simple issues like when a page can’t be found and returns a 404 (error).

What updates have been made to Google Search Console? In the new Beta version, Google has refreshed the user interface. The first thing webmasters will notice is the sleeker design, which also makes it easier to locate filters, helpful user tips, export options, etc.

Google has also added a feature within Google Analytics to display Search Console data. This allows webmasters to efficiently view the Search Console data in Analytics without having to pivot between the two products.

Why this is important: While every webmaster has a different assortment in his or her toolbox, everyone should be utilizing this particular tool—especially if you want insight into how users are interacting with your website.

What action will RubensteinTech take and when? If you’re unsure if your site's Google Search Console is set up, if you even have access to the account, or if you want to have a full review of Google Search Console, please contact Support to discuss your interest and to schedule an appointment.

What happens if we do nothing? More than likely, Google Search Console is already set up for your website. Therefore, nothing further should be required. However, we want you to be aware of this tool, as it may unlock further insights into website, inform your web strategy, and deliver a more meaningful experience to your site’s visitors.

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