Achieving Power & Performance with RubyApps 10

RubyApps is the most powerful platform for marketing teams to collaborate on content management, publishing, and measurement.

With the new RubyApps 10, marketers will instantly appreciate comprehensive enhancements of existing features, an updated user interface, more extensive multi-office collaboration tools, and significant speed improvements. Whether highly technical or new to the RubyApps ecosystem, marketers of all experience levels can now manage an increased volume and variety of content to help them work together, faster, and with greater efficiency and productivity.

Work Faster

8x faster for common user tasks

  • Saving a bio in RubyApps 8 was clocked at 5.93s.
  • In RubyApps 10, save-time is down to 750ms

50% faster development

  • RubyApps Template Builder allows engineers and advanced technical users to manage back-end content and business data templates with ease

>20% faster integration

  • Comprehensive RubyApps documentation, updated in real-time, coupled with clear logging of RubyApps API requests and responses means internal IT teams and third-party developers can instantly implement integrations—eliminating delays and reducing back-and-forth communication or uncertainties

Enhanced, integrated content search

  • RubyApps provides a more robust content search for marketers, to match our industry-leading RubyApps Smart Search capabilities, allowing your team to more quickly and easily search, filter, sort, and edit marketing content

Work Together

Enhanced security features

  • Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and detailed user logging provides a trusted environment for local and distributed teams

Content collaboration tools

  • View all revisions to content by users across the entire RubyApps ecosystem

Content previews and differencing engine

  • With supercharged Content Previews, Shared Previews, and Content Approvals Workflows, RubyApps now visually highlights what has changed between versions of your content, enabling you to quickly ascertain the source of past edits and review and revert when necessary


Work Efficiently & Productively

Streamlined editing of repeat content fields

  • New repeater fields allow users to add multiple content records to a given template (e.g., one or unlimited office phone numbers to a bio template) without requiring a unique field for each item (e.g., “Office Phone #1”, “Office Phone #2”, etc.)
  • Modular content pages are better supported via this flexible new editing interface

Enhanced content scheduling enables users to schedule content for publication (or removal) by date, time, and timezone

Improved Rich Text Editor (RTE) ensures your marketing team can make effective, efficient content edits with minimal effort

Tight integration with a global Content Delivery Network and Web Application Firewall (WAF) for enhanced speed, security, and privacy

For marketing teams grappling with complex challenges that require additional customization, RubyApps 10 can also support:

  • User-defined templates, sub-templates, and content
  • Extensive integrations with new third-party systems
  • Hotspots and calls to action for marketing automation integration
  • Content output in Word, PDF, and Excel formats
  • Proposal generation, document generation, and experience management