In this installment of The RubyLaw Thought Leadership Series, Scott Milano from Tanj branding reveals how to harness the power of brand voice. He discusses the nuances of voice and messaging, and how to unlock the potential within each sentence of your company's communications. Here are 5 quick takeaways from this March 2015 RubyLaw webinar

1. Messaging is what you say, while "voice" is how you say it. A message strategy gives you focus, and helps you to substantiate the promise of your brand. Voice is the tone and personality of the writing in virtually all communications a company has with its client / potential clients. It's tied to the DNA of the brand.

2. Law is about people and words. The manner in which you speak indicates who you are and what you offer. Communicating your uniqueness is key to winning business. Clients already see it in other professional industries! 

3. We see a lot of boiler plate language in the legal sector. We're X amount of lawyers, in Y number of cities, across Z number of countries; here are our specialties and here's our client list. Indeed, there is value in going to lawyers with specific subject matter expertise, and lawyers probably see the differences between firms best, but there is significant opportunity to differentiate here. 

4. Develop voice and messaging guidelines. These can serve as a playbook for communications on brand. Adhere to a personality, and a general voice principle, complete with "do's" and "don'ts," with specific direction. 

5. Be diligent, vigilant, and flexible. Use voice to evaluate creative. If it's not on brand, change it. If your strategy is not working, change it. regularly share success to build momentum.

Now hear the expert first-hand on the recording of this RubyLaw webinar!